Hosting solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM system

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an integrated system for managing data about your customers and relationships with them. It gives you the ability to easily create and maintain data on business associates, from the first contact, through sales, to post-sales activities.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) represents integrated system for management of customer data and customer relationship. It enables easy creation and maintenance of customer data from the first contact, through sale, to post-sales activities.

Organization of data about customer and business associates is one of top priorities of every business. With CRM, you now have possibility to completely simplify this complex task and manage it completely.

If you have ever been in a situation when:

  • you didn’t record client information or you cannot find a business card you know you  have received
  • you contacted someone and offered them a service that your colleague has already offered
  • you are contacted by the unsatisfied customer, and you are not even aware of the problem
  • you cannot measure which percentage of your potential clients actually becomes your customer and measure the advertising effects after investing in marketing campaign

Then, implementation of CRM solution will help you organize your sales process in the best possible way.

Then you will be able to:

  • react faster to new sales opportunities
  • make information about existing customers available to your colleagues also
  • enter and update all important customer information
  • schedule meetings, document offers
  • and many more useful actions which will organize and improve your business process

A special feature is that all data can be accessed, in addition to mail client, via web browser and cell phone.

E2CRM Hosting

E2CRM Hosting represents unique offer on domestic market – hosting solution for setting and maintenance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions.

Project E2CRM Hosting was created in cooperation of companies EUnet and Extreme, which have invested the knowledge, experience and expertise, each in its own field and thus created a completely new value, based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the world famous business solution.

Why E2CRM Hosting?

  • It frees you from investments in hardware, additional Internet capacity and network equipment, and also costs for salary of the employee which would perform the maintenance of system
  • It reduces the costs for licenses and additional investments in new software
  • Team of people with great experience in the implementation and maintenance of Microsoft business solutions take care of your CRM application
  • You get a stable hosting platform and professional technical support!

For more details about the conditions of realization of E2 CRM hosting solutions, as well as information on prices and service packages, visit the specialized website E2CRM Hosting.

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