Dedicated servers

Additional services

The following services are available, but not included in the standard package price:

Additional bandwidth

Should the rented monthly bandwidth not be sufficient, you will automatically get additional bandwidth and that will be clearly stated in the next invoice.

Intervention in configuring the firewall

Firewall provides protection from spam attacks from a global network and detects them before data and applications on your servers become compromised. Setting firewall up is included in the initial settings, but each and every additional intervention is charged.


According to his/her needs, customer rents appropriate space on backup servers, gets a FTP account which s/he can use to transfer files to backup server at any time s/he wants.

Private LAN (for more servers)

This option is suitable for users who want to connect more servers into a private network enabling the exchange of data without going to the Internet and the additional bandwidth. In addition to the exchange of data in the local network, you can transfer a greater amount of data (e.g. between web applications on one server and database on another server).

Server monitoring (monitoring)

Quick intervention after the detection of potential problems is of vital importance for users. Therefore, we provide regular monitoring of all servers in our Data Center, 24/7 and also, additional monitoring of certain ports and SMS notification to users who want information on the availability of servers at any time.


Maintenance service can be arranged with EUnet according to the customer’s needs.

Microsoft software

EUnet can help you purchase Microsoft licensed software.For any additional questions, please call us on  +381 11 30 10 500 or contact us via e-mail.

Call center: +381 11 3010 500

Support: 0700 600 500

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