Solution for your professional communication

Access your email, calendar and other important information anytime, anywhere!

Microsoft Exchange Shared Hosting service enables exchange of informations and business organization, with much lower costs compared to traditional, internal solution. So you get a powerful infrastructure for creating, storing and sharing of information between employees and communicating with clients, without employing special IT staff, with easy administration via the control panel and the support of the Serbian language.

Exchange 2016 mailbox


  • 10GB mail storage
  • 1GB for Public folder storage

Mailbox price

699 rsd


Additional options:
Outlook 2016 license - 180 rsd/monthly (per each device)
Additional storage (for mailboxes or PublicFolder) - 300 rsd/monthly for 5 GB storage

Prices are VAT excluded.

Take advantage of Microsoft Exchange server

Why Exchange Mail Hosting?

Nowadays it is becoming harder to shut your phone off, stop thinking about work and business e-mails that should be answered. Your business doesn't have to be limited to your office. Professional mailbox allows you to manage and access your data using your cell phone, or from any other place even when you are not in the office.

Exchange Hosting facilitates your job duties:

  • your e-mail account, personal and group calendars, group folders and plans are always available
  • you can access them using your cell phone: Smartphone, Blackberry...
  • all you need to check your e-mail is a cell phone or web browser and internet connection
  • cost control - we take care of server infrastructure and its maintenance

Exchange Mail Hosting service includes:

  • control panel for monitoring and setting your mailbox
  • 10 GB per mailbox
  • facilitated collaboration and communication on everyday tasks
  • shared calendars, contacts and documents
  • 99.9% guaranteed availability
  • advanced Anti Virus and Anti Spam protection
  • technical support available in Serbian and English


Ukoliko imate dodatnih pitanja, molimo vas da nas kontaktirate na telefon  +381 11 30 10 500  ili putem email formulara.

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