Email systems, software as a service and other solutions for Online business.

EUnet business solutions are primarily targeted at small and medium-sized businesses that want an effective online business. Free yourself from investing in the purchase of expensive hardware or licenses, worrying about backups, and training IT staff to install and maintain the system, but select specific business solution.

Microsoft Sharepoint

SharePoint is a professional solution that connects people, teams and information, and that will raise the productivity of their business to another level.

E2CRM Hosting

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an integrated system for managing and maintaining data about your customers, from first contact, through sales, to post-sales activities.

Online Shop Service

What else can you offer to your customers online? Fully automated online store for a complete online business for the whole world. Promote your online shop...

Disaster Recovery

EUnet Disaster Recovery Service (DRaaS) ensures that your organization is ready in the case that your IT system is affected by accidents.


EUnet has developed and implemented solutions for different industrial areas, including IT industry, communications, internet providers...

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