E-mail messages in Cloud

Cloud Mailing list is a service on Cloud platform, designed for users who want to send a large number of email notifications, catalogs, info mails to the larger group of recipients, without worrying about the breach of the rules of conduct on the Internet.

Send various types of notifications (company newsletter, etc.) to e-mail address of a selected list, e.g. and Cloud Mailing list is automatically forwarded to the whole group.

Email list based on PHPlist

Cloud Mailing List

Send over 3000 messages per hour, simultaneously and without delay, send your catalogs and offers thousands to users by simply copying the list of recipients.

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Benefits and features

Why choose EUnet mailing list service?

  • quick installation in Cloud environment or on your dedicated server
  • simple and intuitive interface for users and administrators
  • option to send messages to a large number of e-mail addresses (depending on settings it can go to over 10 000 addresses)
  • templates for simple setup of e-mail layout
  • allows you to send attachments
  • system for preventing duplicated messages
  • appointing different administrators with different privileges for individual mailing lists
  • advanced user management
  • automatic message conversion to PDF format
  • allows sending e-mails in TXT and HTML format
  • option to import and export customer lists (CSV)

Technical specification

EUnet Cloud Mailing list is based on well-known software PHP List, which uses the following 3 components to send e-mails:

  • web frontend for administrator and list-masters, which is used for system settings, list creation, importing recipients’ e-mail addresses and sending messages
  • cron job which activates messages marked for sending in a specified time period
  • mail server which sends messages previously prepared by the PHP List

Mail server can be set to receive only messages from PHP List, so you won’t receive any spam messages. Cron job is by default set to activate messages marked for sending every 5 minutes. Web frontend is developed using combination of Apache, PHP and MySQL.

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