Windows Hyper-V Cloud

Windows Cloud server - If you are a fan of Microsoft technologies, we offer you Windows SSD Public Cloud platform. Windows Hyper-V Cloud gives you the option to purchase only as many resources as you really need, according to the needs of your business in real time, the so-called "pay-per-use" model.

High performance on super fast SSD disks

Win Cloud 1

  • CPU 1 vCPU
  • Memory 2 GB
  • SSD 40 GB
  • Data transfer 2 TB

3800 rsd


Win Cloud 2

  • CPU 2 vCPU
  • Memory 4 GB
  • SSD 60 GB
  • Data transfer 3 TB

5700 rsd


Win Cloud 3

  • CPU 4 vCPU
  • Memory 8 GB
  • SSD 80 GB
  • Data transfer 4 TB

7900 rsd


Win Cloud 4

  • CPU 4 vCPU
  • Memory 16 GB
  • SSD 100 GB
  • Data transfer 5 TB

11900 rsd


For any additional questionsUkoliko imate bilo kakva pitanja, contact us or call us on +381 11 3010500 or 0700 600 500.

The prices exclude VAT.

Why Windows Hyper-V server

Windows Hyper-V Cloud platform is the best hosting solution for you!

We provide all the physical and technical conditions that guarantee the highest level of security and reliability with 99.5% availability. Cloud and Windows virtual servers on Hyper-V platform are housed in our data center TIER3.

In order for your Hyper-V Cloud server to be functional, you must rent the minimum resources which include the following configuration: 1 CPU Core, 2 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD i 1 IP Adress.

When renting Cloud on Hyper-V platform you can:

  • increase initially leased resources (CPU, RAM, HDD) for your virtual machine whenever you desire
  • simulate any change of your server or application without compromising the system
  • restore the backup copy of your production system on virtual server we are hosting
  • have Firewall protection for accessing server on 3 levels (Cisco, Hyper-V, Windows / Linux)
  • access your virtual server using VPN connection
  • manage your virtual server using web interface
  • use Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express free of charge
  • map your local disk on virtual server we are hosting

When you rent Win Light VPS server you get:

Additional resource prices:
  • 1 vCPU - 710 rsd
  • 1GB RAM - 480 rsd
  • 1GB SSD - 60 rsd
  • 1GB HDD - 35 rsd
  • 1GB Data transfer -35 rsd
* Number of IOPS-a for following disk sizes:
  • 40 GB - 400 iops
  • 60 GB - 600 iops
  • 80 GB - 800 iops
  • 100 GB - 1000 iops

Why our Cloud?

  • Native Microsoft HyperV virtualization for flawless performance
  • Cloud Server is HA (High availability) platform
  • Reliability - virtual server are replicated and redundant
  • 40€ gift voucher for Google Adwords
  • Windows OS license is included if you choose our Windows Cloud server
  • The price does not include other Microsoft software licenses. In accordance with the SBB policy, installed Microsoft software on the server must be licensed, and we provide the convenience of renting, ie, monthly lease of Microsoft licenses through the Service Provider License Agreement, that is the right to use legal software without major investment. If you own your Microsoft licenses (except Windows OS) that includes SA (Software Assurance), you can use them on a leased virtual server through the License Mobility program.
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