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Who can register .срб domain?

Open registration of Cyrillic internet .СРБ domain started on August 01, 2012. Since them anyone can register available Cyrillic domains in compliance with commercial terms and conditions. You no longer have to own .rs domain name to be able to register .срб domain name. See the domain name pricelist.

How to register .срб domain?

New users can register domain name using our portal - From the drop down menu choose .срб extension and then create an account. If you have already used our portal to make a purchase, all you have to do is log in and then choose the domain name.

How do I connect .срб domain with my website?

If your website is on EUnet’s servers, it can be seen from .срб domains also.

  • If you are using cPanelHosting service, you must transfer domain name from Cyrillic to so-called punycode form, using the tool at Domain name transferred in that way can be added to your cPanel hosting using "Addon Domains" tool, in the same way as any other domain name.
  • If you are using Hosting 2.0, .срб domain is already added to the hosting control panel and all you have to do is direct it to the appropriate website using the tool Web Server → Alias Management

For any assistance, please contact EUnet’s Technical support via e-mail, phone 3010510 or 0700 600 500.

Can I use e-mail on my Cyrillic domain?

Unfortunately, this is still not possible. Currently valid Internet standards do not support completely Cyrillic e-mail addresses.

How to set Cyrillic letters on my computer?

Practical instructions are shown in the video below.

When I enter .срб domain in my browser, I see something like xn--e1aaxvc.xn--90a3ac?

The option for reading Cyrillic signs is turned off. To turn it on, please follow the instructions at Testing .срб domain Signet.

Can I see the website with .срб domain on my cell phone?

Modern cell phones support Cyrillic domains. Of course, in order to be able to enter the domain name, your cell phone must have Cyrillic keyboard installed.

What is Cyrillic internet domain .СРБ?

It is the second national domain name of Republic of Serbia. It is part of Internationalized domain names (IDN), i.e. domain names which are not written in English alphabet.  

Which address spaces exist within .СРБ domain?

Subdomain structure within .СРБ domain is identical in purpose as the existing subdomain structure within .RS domain:

.RS domain .СРБ domain Explanation .пр.срб company .орг.срб organization .обр.срб education .од.срб personal

"For delegated domains names are:"

.RS domain .СРБ domain Explanation .упр.срб administrative authorities .ак.срб academic network

What are the benefits of .СРБ domain?

  1. Only internet domain in the world where the internet address is written as pronounced.
    Thanks to the characteristics of Serbian Cyrillic alphabet where one letter is one voice, the addresses with .СРБ domains will, contrary to, domain names in English alphabet, clearly be pronounced as written.

  2. Realization of constitutional right of citizens of Serbia to use internet domains in their official alphabet
    Today, when right to Internet is considered to be a basic human right in developed countries, when the biggest countries of the world worry about preserving their national identities using domains in their own alphabet, Serbia is one of the first that has made that step toward implementing domain in its national alphabet. 

  3. Timely occupation of free internet space for future needs
    Development of Internet will soon lead to the point where every man must have his own internet identity. It is already a necessity for all companies and organizations. Considering the unavailability of many terms and names with existing domain spaces, introduction of .СРБ domain represents timely occupation of free internet space for future needs. There are serious assumptions that in the future many of the devices we use today will have their own internet address. Futuristic example: your digitalized car with address "мојаљутамашина.срб" will schedule maintenance and oil change by itself!

Which characters can be used in the names of .СРБ domains?

Names of Serbian Cyrillic internet domains, in addition to 30 letters of Serbian Cyrillic (a-ш), can contain numbers (0-9) and hyphen (-). Hyphen cannot be the first or the last character, nor can two consecutive hyphens be on the third and fourth position. Name .СРБ can contain up to 63 ASCII characters after the ACE compatible conversion.

General Terms and Conditions for Registration of .СРБ domain names

All details about terms and conditions for registration of .СРБ domain name can be found in the General Terms and Conditions for Registration of .СРБ domain names.

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