Advanced support

Quick reaction and intervention are crucial for resolving any problems that may come up.

Basic level - Monitoring

  • monitoring of virtual or dedicated server
  • sending customer an e-mail or SMS notification
  • monitoring of desired ports and services
  • monitoring of system resource utilization (HDD, CPU, RAM)
  • realization of specific requests (e-mail delivery check, notifications regarding any delay >1 minute) 

Intermediate level - Proactive Monitoring

10 hours monthly for full monitoring, monitoring of virtual or dedicated server and recommendations and administration of desired server:

  • backup checks
  • system checks
  • giving timely recommendations to the customer about any needed changes in database or application
  • giving recommendations about resource expansion and complete change management

Customer will also receive report on time spent on administration and s/he can ask EUnet to perform necessary changes (if there is any time left from the given 10 hours s/he can use that time or s/he can pay for additional engineering services) or s/he can make changes on his/her own.

Advanced level - Full Managed Hosting

Complex solution where only EUNet has full access to virtual or dedicated server and takes care of everything as if it is our own server, 24/7 without any limitations in time spent and at no extra cost.

  • ensuring availability of servers
  • monitoring resource utilization
  • timely update in agreement with the customer
  • impeccable and updated security and backup

In the Private Cloud services EUnet held host server. Maintenance of the host server does not include maintenance of virtual servers that are on it. This service can be rented for virtual servers, but each is treated as a separate server.

Call center: +381 11 3010 500

Support: 0700 600 500

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