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Earn with SBB Hosting

Through several different partner programs we can provide appropriate model of partnership with SBB hosting, for any interested company or individual. Although, most of these scenarios we've already applied in practice, this program aims to encourage all potential partners to contact us.

1. Hosting Affiliate

Any site owner can participate in the affiliate hosting program (do not even have to be the owner of the site, is sufficient Facebook or Twitter account). Through this program all the services can be sold or can be ordered via hosting section of SBB website. It is enough that the owner of the site will post a link on its website. From each payment by users who through this link, the owner of the site earns money.

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2. Domain Reseller

SBB hosting Reseller application gives you everything you need for doing registration of domain names. Reseller registers domains through API or distribution application that is accessed via Internet and determines the number and name of the domain s/he wishes to register. As a Reseller, with distribution application you have the following options:

  • domain name registration
  • renewal of a domain name
  • activation of data protection for domain contact
  • financial reports for that period
  • review of previous activities for the period for domain or operator
  • review of invoices for that period
  • creating, modifying and deleting operators
  • changing your password
  • data entry of contacts and DNS records
  • data summary of the domain
  • WHOIS data
  • search by domain owner
  • domain search by name.

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3. Hosting Reseller

SBBHosting Reseller application is all you need to sell SBB cPanel hosting packages independently. You can activate or renew your client’s subscriptions using reseller application that is accessed via Internet.

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4. Hosting Partner

Want to be a hosting provider? SBBhosting can help you in that. We provide an appropriate virtual or dedicated server and cPanel license, as well as Domain Reseller application. On SBB you can completely rely, on the issue of support for the platform and a complete infrastructure.

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5. Domainer

Individuals and companies which purchase a large number of domains to form their own portfolio, we provide various benefits and advanced options.

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6. Hosting Sales Partners (System Integrators)

For companies - If you want to include and SBB Cloud offer in your portfolio, we provide complete training vendors and necessary materials.

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7. Software Development Partners

This program is designed for software development companies that want to sell their service in the cloud through multitenant (SaaS) or through a single-tenant model. In SaaS mode, it is actually a public or private cloud solution. In single-tenant version SBBhosting can help develop cloud templates for applications. By renting Private Cloud Platform, Cloud Partner technical parts available resources into smaller packages (Cloud instance), installed on them commercial software and leases to its customers as a ready-made solutions.

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Call center: +381 11 3010 500

Support: 0700 600 500

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