Domains and SSL certificates

Register SSL certificates

Protect your business transactions. Increase the confidence of the visitors of your website and reach full potential of your online business.

By using a standard protocol for security of online payment transactions, we offer you the ability to provide safe operations and protection of your clients using the SSL certificate.

SSL certificates

Choose between Thawte SSL 12, SSL Webserver and Wildcard sertificates

Price from

6999 rsd


Trustwave Domain-Vetted SSL - instant SSL certificate

Price from

3399 rsd


Choose between Sectigo Positive, Essential, EV and other sertificates

Prices from...

2199 rsd


Additional informations

You need protection of transactions if:

  • you provide online services to your clients and give them option to shop online
  • your business partners access confidential information via Internet
  • you have offices that exchange confidential information via Internet
  • you send personal information such as address, date of birth, ID number, etc. via Internet
  • you need to meet requirements for privacy and security
  • you appreciate confidentiality and expect others to put their trust in you


SSL certificate Yearly fee
Sectigo PositiveSSL 2199 rsd
Sectigo EssentialSSL 3499 rsd
Sectigo EssentialSSL Wildcard 20.299 rsd
Sectigo InstantSSL 7.799 rsd
Sectigo SSL 11.999 rsd
Sectigo Extended Validation SSL 16.999 rsd
Sectigo SSL Wildcard 29.999 rsd
Sectigo PremiumSSL 9.999 rsd
Sectigo PremiumSSL Wildcard 39.999 rsd
Thawte SSL 123 (Domain only) 6999 rsd
Thawte SSL Webserver (Full Organization) 15.999 rsd
Thawte SSL Webserver Certificate with Extended Validation 23.999 rsd
Thawte Wildcard (Full Organization) 54.999 rsd
Thawte SSL Webserver Certificate with SAN (1 SAN included) 25.999 rsd
Thawte SSL WebServer Certificate with SAN - additional SAN 11.399 rsd
Thawte SSL Webserver Certificate with EV with SAN (1 SAN included) 50.899 rsd
Thawte SSL Webserver Certificate with EV with SAN - additional SAN 25.999 rsd
Thawte Code Signing Certificate 34.699 rsd
Trustwave Domain-Vetted SSL (Domain only) 3399 rsd
TrustWave Extended Validation SSL 28.699 rsd
Trustwave Premium 256-bit SSL 13.999 rsd
Trustwave Premium WildCard 256-bit SSL 47.299 rsd
TrustWave Premium with SAN (4 SAN included) 42.999 rsd
TrustWave EV with SAN (4 SAN included) 58.999 rsd

Note: Listed prices are VAT excluded. Payments should be made in RSD, according to the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the invoicing date.

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