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Leader in hosting services

EUnet is the leading Internet communications and ISP services company and was the first company to start providing commercial Internet services in Serbia and Montenegro. Today EUnet has more than 25,000 satisfied customers.

Now, we are primarily specialized for development and implementation of Cloud technology, as well as for design and consulting services for development of specific solutions for each customer individually provided by certified engineers.

EUnet's benefits:

  • quality, reliability and complexity of offer of internet services – complete and various solutions for connection, presenting and doing business online
  • expert team of engineers and developers with vast experience, dedicated to providing professional hosting services, developing core business software and IT solutions
  • cutting edge network equipment, servers and storages (Cisco, Juniper, HP, Dell, Supermicro, IBM, APC)
  • 3 Data Centers on 3 locations in Belgrade
  • partnership with leading telecommunication operators in Europe and leading international companies in area of IT
  • Premium i advanced support

Ahead of technological curve

EUnet d.o.o. is known for keeping ahead of technological curve and keeping up with world trends and demands of big IT companies where virtualization, optimization and data growth represent the highest priorities. Cloud Technologies which EUnet provides, represent a completely new approach to organization, management and providing each and every company with necessary IT infrastructure.

EUnet Cloud platform represents the ideal solution for implementation of the most complex business and IT systems. Also, we offer various pre-installed Cloud applications, according to SaaS model, which ensure quick and simple business communication with partners, clients, customers, vendors and employees, without any investments into hardware and maintenance. 


At “Accelerate the Cloud Miami 2012”, CA Technologies annual SME conference, CA Technologies named DNS Europe, a member of EUnet group, “Partner of the Year” for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Criteria for the Partner of the Year award includes contributions in license sales, taking part in CA events, sales opportunities, assistance in implementation of services and platform, support in expanding Cloud technologies in their own market.

As successful ISP, EUnet’s most important priority is ensuring that servers and services of our customers are available online at each and every moment, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The quality of our services and high availability is guaranteed because we use numerous professional data centers around the world and several independent systems. The framework of our systems is located in two data centers in Belgrade, two in London and one in Miami. Per customer’s request, there is an option to build a hub in any data center in the world and connect to desired networks.

We offer various hosting and advanced services, including:

  • Cloud hosting services based on Hyper-V platform
  • system design, engineering and consulting services
  • rental of professional dedicated servers
  • maintenance and support for Cloud platform
  • system maintenance services and virtual data centers services worldwide
  • colocation space rental
  • numerous SaaS applications (Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint, Business mail, etc.)
  • software development
  • Linux and Windows web hosting

Our customers get support for maximum control in terms of functionality of servers and/or installed applications, and EUnet provides all necessary professional infrastructure and Internet capacities. 

EUnet uses equipment of well-known manufacturers such as Cisco, Juniper, HP, Dell, Supermicro, IBM, APC, etc. Connections between EUnet's data centers and connections to global and local ISP companies are made using optical cables, and our customers can choose from variety of speeds (100Mbps, n x 100Mbps, 1Gbps, n x 1Gbps, 10Gbps i n x 10Gbps). Our customers can use one or many data centers at the same time and they have the option to connect to internet, local providers, local cable operators and/or their own locations.

Many certified engineers, vast experience in configuring Internet and Intranet solutions and over 25,000 satisfied hosting users including the biggest institutions and companies in Serbia and the region, are the best recommendation for professional hosting partner.

Call center: +381 11 3010 500

Support: 0700 600 500

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