Expert advices and support provided by EUnet engineers are always available to our customers. For our customers to be able to manage their Cloud infrastructure in a simple and reliable way our engineers have developed a unique product in the region – EUnet Cloud Control Panel (CCP).

With Cloud Control Panel you can review and set different parameters of your servers, as well as to manage server resources on your own:

  • instantly increase  or decrease CPU 
  • instantly increase  or decrease RAM 
  • instantly increase  or decrease HDD 
  • instantly create new applications and servers
  • server reboot
  • star or stop applications
  • consumption reports
  • set parameters (hostname, password change, DNS change, etc.)

Detailed instruction for EUnet Cloud Control can be downloaded here in PDF format.

Use to access CCP. If you have lost your access parameters, contact our Administration department by phone 011 3010 500 or using e-mail form.

Basic level of support which is included in the package price includes ensuring functionality of server where virtual machines and CCP are, as well as basic analysis and identification of problems in operations. Premium level of support is charged additionally and it includes interventions performed by our administrators and technicians upon customer’s request.

Request for any level of assistance by EUnet technical support on Cloud platform must include the Customer Code, or otherwise the request won’t be processed.

EUnet won’t take any action, which are subject to additional charge, without explicit customer’s request or approval, except in emergency situation when such action is crucial to resolve a problem which may affect security and availability of server, or the whole network.

Free basic level support

Basic level support is included in the Cloud service rental price and it includes the consulting services on business days from 10 to 18 h by sending e-mail to or by telephone at 011 3010510 or 0700 600 500.

Basic level support for EUnet Cloud users includes the following:

  • installation and initial server setup – after installation and initial setup we guarantee full functionality of server that is rented to a customer
  • ensuring full functionality of server where virtual machines and control panel are
  • problem analysis based on customer’s request and identification of problem in server operations, which includes:
    • analysis if the Cloud server has used all rented RAM or CPU (finding a cause for that is not included)
    • analysis if the Cloud server has used all disk space
    • analysis if the servers the customer had listed are up and running (Apache, MySQL, mailserver)
  • infrastructure for exceptional server availability (redundant power supply, cooling, functional network, etc. in accordance with Tier3 standards)
  • flexible Cloud infrastructure which allows user to expand the resources at any point in time
  • regular hotfix setting in Cloud system
  • Cloud platform upgrade
  • resolving any problems related to stability of Cloud platform

Premium support

Premium support includes interventions performed by our administrators and technicians upon customer’s request. Before such intervention we will provide estimation of time and resourced needed for its realization, as well as the price of such service. These services can be either prepaid (number of hours paid in advance with a certain discount) or postpaid, or after the service is performed.

Some examples of Premium support are:

  1. Administration of operating system of Cloud server
  2. Installation of control panel (cPanel, DirectAdmin, etc.)
  3. Installation and administration of web server Apache
  4. Migration of our website to our system
  5. Installation of DNS server
  6. Installation of Mail server (Postfix)
  7. Installation of FTP server
  8. Installation of MySQL database
  9. Installation of SSL certificate
  10. Installation and setup of Firewall
  11. Instant reaction when it comes to resolving problems in operations of Cloud applications
  12. Regular control and potential application improvement
  13. Monitoring Cloud instance or Cloud infrastructure
  14. Engineering for design of applications and templates


Service During business hours
Outside business hours
Support engineer per hour
30€ 50€
Seniour Support engineer per hour 50€ 80€
System Administrator per hour 80€ 100€
R&D engineer per hour 100€ 150€

* Listed prices are VAT excluded for postpaid payment model.

As part of premium support, EUnet offers several types of monthly SLA agreements, in accordance with specific needs of our clients. EUnet can maintain every segment of Cloud system.

Should you have any additional question, please contact us using e-mail form or by telephone 0700 600 500.

Call center: +381 11 3010 500

Support: 0700 600 500

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