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What is Cloud?

Today, the term "Cloud" stands for availability, speed and simple data management. In fact, that means that every piece of important data is only one click away and ready to use. Your data stored on Cloud is available, easily transferable and movable.

You may not know it, but you may already be a Cloud user. If you have a Google e-mail account, then you most certainly are. Even though you have never really thought about it and have taken the availability of your data for granted, from a technical stand point, Cloud is composed of large number of connected computers (so-called grid) with CPUs, hard disks, RAM memory and other hardware resources, which appear as one “big” virtual computer, because of intelligent management software. Total hardware resources of those interconnected computers form a “Cloud” whose parts are allocated to various customers’ applications, upon request and in accordance with specific needs.  

Enhance your business and reduce costs with advanced Cloud services

If you need quick implementation of new IT services without any investments in hardware, maintenance and infrastructure, you are a potential user of Cloud services. Regardless of its size, every company needs new ways to improve its business processes, communication between employees, and customer relationship management. While keeping in mind the business needs of local companies, EUnet has developed a whole generation of new and user friendly Cloud services.   

Guaranteed availability of your applications

Cloud infrastructure is designed in such manner that all your data is automatically being copied to a different physical server in the system. If one server should fail, your data would become available on the other server within few minutes. In comparison to traditional infrastructure, where it would take hours and days for your system to start operating again, in Cloud system your applications will always be available and secure.

Safest Solution for your business – Data centers with 99.5 % SLA

The safety of your data stored in professional Data centers is far greater compared to in-house solutions. All Data centers which comply with the newest standards have the cutting-edge protection systems in case of fire, power outage or any other event that can affect the system security and availability.5Engineering team manages the security system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. EUnet uses Tier 3 Data centers on three locations in the world – Belgrade, London and Miami.

Main benefits of EUnet Cloud platform:

  • quick deployment – automated creation of Cloud infrastructure, without physical installation and hardware connection 
  • responsibility -  EUnet guarantees that both hardware and software will work properly 
  • adaptability -  more server operating systems in one Cloud application 
  • guaranteed performances – your hardware resources will not be affected by other users and applications on EUnet Cloud
  • scalability – quick change of needed resources, upon customer’s request or individually using control panel 
  • flexibility – developing complex systems from selection of prepared components. EUnet Cloud platform represents ideal solution for implementation of the most complex business and IT systems. You have entire team of EUnet’s engineers at your disposal to build the optimal solution as quickly as possible
  • reliability- Cloud system will be functional even if server or part of physical infrastructure fails. The data will automatically become available on the other server. 
  • availability – information and applications on Cloud platform can be accessed from any location in the world, at any point in time and from any device (phone, tablet or computer). It is very simple to access information as if you were using your company’s local network and complete data security and privacy is guaranteed. 
  • savings – Customer pays only for those resources s/he actually uses 
  • safety – your business is 99.5% secure in the cutting-edge Data centers on 3 locations in the world (Belgrade, London, Miami)
  • variety of choices – you can choose between Private Cloud (Provider Hosted or Customer Hosted), public Cloud or combination of traditional and Cloud infrastructure (hybrid Cloud)
  • migration – quick synchronization and relocation of entire Cloud infrastructure, when necessary

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