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Linux Cloud Servers

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Cloud Control Panel (CCP)

Install Cloud server with a single click using Cloud Control Panel

The first product in the region for managing Cloud services, EUnet Cloud Control Panel (CCP) was developed in our company, in the interest of customers and facilitated user experience. Now, all users of EUnet Cloud technology can manage their own Cloud infrastructure, without previous time-consuming training and assistance of Cloud system experts.  

What does that mean?

When using EUnet Cloud Control Panel, from web browser, each User has the option to independently order, manage and control Cloud servers and all associated Cloud infrastructure. This product gives users complete control over expenses and possibility to generate reports about the active Cloud service.

Here at EUnet we have prepared many predefined Cloud templates which represent complete business Cloud services tailored to your internet business. When using these, you simplify and shorten the process of installation of new IT structure and this leads to great business savings. Some examples include: WEB Server, Cloud Mail Server, Mailing lists...

What are the basic CCP functionalities for the users?

  • modifying your resources (CPU, RAM, HDD) according to current needs
  • restart and activation of new and existing Cloud servers
  • simple overview of all Cloud services client has with EUnet
  • tracking statuses of all changes in Cloud services
  • creating and forwarding of all necessary reports for Cloud clients
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SMS server monitoring

This service provides 24 / 365 server and services monitoring, as well as notification of the current unavailability and re-availability of certain ports via e-mail and SMS.

DNS Management

Manage all your domains and DNS records completely independently. You no longer have to depend on Internet service providers and administrators and their working hours.

Cloud Mailing lists

If you want to send a notice to a larger number of email addresses at once or you want to have a newsletter campaign you can use this service.

E2 CRM Hosting

You will not have any more costs for investment in hardware, additional Internet capacity, network equipment and costs for employees which are dealing with the maintenance of the system.