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Fast SSD - Hosting on Solid State Drives, now on shared servers

Start Eunet hosting on the fastest drives - Ideal for running a large blog, e-shops or custom built applications that require a lot of I/O to the database.

cPanel Fast SSD features

Fast SSD Hosting

  • Prostor Unlimited
  • Protok Unlimited
  • Broj domena Unlimited
  • Email naloga 100
  • FTP naloga Unlimited
  • MySQL baza 15
  • Google AdWords Gift 40 €

798 din



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* The prices indicate monthly fee based on the anual payment.
For customers who choose Online payment in 12 anual payouts, monthly price is 1140 rsd.
prices do not include VAT.

EUnet Hosting Shared SSD Servers - Without limits

SSD Fast is a great choice for many web apps:

  • Websites which use WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. CMS platforms
  • E-commerce
  • For web apps with a lots of I/O operations to database
  • Websites with a lot of traffic
  • For high performance web applications

You can get:

  • FASTER Content Delivery than hard disk drives
  • FREE 1-click installer with 200+ applications
  • FREE cPanel for easy server management

Benefits of SSD Fast Web Hosting

Better performances : SSD discs (Solid-State Drive Storage) have faster web site loading time. Speed is a very important factor these days and the faster your website can load the better. SSD also have 100 x more IOPS than mechanical discs. Our hosting is launched on Intel SSD discs enterprise class, which provides maximum performaces all the time.

Reliability: SSD are generally more reliable than non-ssd drives since they don’t have any moving parts and they don’t wear out over time. This does not mean that traditional hard drives are not to be trusted, it just means that SSDs use a more efficient technology that can stand better over time..

"Environment friendly": SSDs consume less power compared to normal disks and they are thought as a more environment friendly solution. From the consumer point of you, you are getting better performance in a greener way which is what is needed these days.

Is SSD Fast hosting for everyone?

The answer is short: DA.
  • WordPress, Drupal and similar - SSD web hosting is suitable for everyone that wants better performance. It is more beneficial though for the following:Websites that make use of CMS like WordPress, Drupal etc – SSDs can speed up the process of retrieving information from the file system and database and thus the websites load faster.
  • E-commerce - Faster websites make more sales and this is a proven fact. If you are serious about your ecommerce website you should definitely take on SSD hosting without second thoughts.
  • Websites that are optimized for SEO- Khen you start this process you will find out that in order to get a really good performance you need the best possible response times from the server and SSDs can help a lot in this direction. Eliminating delays from the web hosting part is the first step in achieving an overall good result.
  • Database Driven Applications - As your site gets more popular and traffic starts to grow, your hard drives will start getting more and more concurrent I/O requests. This is where our new SSD Hosting is superior.

Loading of your website directly affects your customers

Unlike other hosting companies, EUnet Hosting allows you to host on solid-state drives host all types of data (both database and web content). This means that on one hosting account you can host blog on your domain, the second domain of static site to your friends, and the third e-shop of your client.

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