Windows Hyper-V Cloud

Why choose Win Hyper-V Cloud for your business?

Benefits of this hosting technology are numerous:

  • you can choose your own private operating system
  • each virtual server is isolated from other virtual servers on shared hardware
  • you get complete admin access through Remote Desktop (RDP)
  • virtual servers are being constantly replicated to redundant servers
  • ideal solution for Disaster Recovery, application and website hosting
  • install your software and applications
  • more secure and quicker than shared web hosting
  • Windows OS license is included if you choose our Windows Cloud server
  • The price does not include other Microsoft software licenses. In accordance with the SBB policy, installed Microsoft software on the server must be licensed, and we provide the convenience of renting, ie, monthly lease of Microsoft licenses through the Service Provider License Agreement, that is the right to use legal software without major investment. If you own your Microsoft licenses (except Windows OS) that includes SA (Software Assurance), you can use them on a leased virtual server through the License Mobility program.

With Win Hyper-V Cloud, upon your request we can:

  • clone your virtual server without any downtime
  • create your virtual cluster in no time at all
  • keep replica of your virtual machine if you already have Hyper-V 2012
  • change the size of your virtual hard disk and add new virtual disk without any downtime
  • also host your Linux machines on Hyper-V 2012 R2 system
  • migrate your virtual machine to our cloud without any downtime
  • maintain your virtual server, should you require such service

Choose desired Hyper-V Cloud server right now!

Branded resources

Every aspect of our Hyper-V Cloud is fully redundant, which makes it resistant to power outage, disk failure or network disruptions. We use branded SuperMicro servers with the cutting-edge Intel processors, NetApp storage and Cisco network devices, and this combination guarantees ultra quick performances sufficient for any application. Should you require an additional level of security - with Hyper-V Replica technology we can replicate your virtual server to a remote data center.

Instant server upgrade

How much time do you need to upgrade your physical servers? Isn’t it easier to let us do that for you? Our Hyper-V Cloud is already hosted on the latest version of Hyper-V 2012 R2. Design of our cloud allows us to easily keep up with new Hyper-V versions published by Microsoft on annual basis.

Quick, affordable and adjustable solution

SBB understands that there is a great need for virtual solutions which are affordable, quick and easily adjustable to customers’ business needs. That is exactly what SBB Hyper-V Cloud offers. And you can get Windows Server 2012 R2 VPS on our cloud today.   

Benefits in comparison to Dedicated Server Hosting

Hyper-V virtual servers offer numerous benefits in comparison to traditional Dedicated Server Hosting, because it offers better uptime and easier resource scaling, often without any downtime at all. One of the greatest benefits is that Hyper-V virtual servers are constantly being replicated on redundant serves, which can be automatically activated at any point in time, should there be a hardware failure or in case the physical server is being maintained.

Benefits in comparison to Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Benefit of Hyper-V virtual servers in comparison to VPS servers is that each virtual server is isolated from other servers since each virtual server has its own operating system, its own guaranteed CPU, RAM and HDD resources, which allows you to install operating system the same way you do on dedicated physical servers. This means that you won’t have to worry whether your server will be at risk from overload created by the other virtual servers on the same cloud. 

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