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Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration

General Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration define all rights and obligations of both SBB and Customer. General Terms and Conditions also set forth the consequences for SBB or Customer for any breach of defined rules and regulations.

SBB reserves the right to change Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration in accordance with the new offer elements and regulations in place; therefore, it is necessary to read Terms and Conditions before each and every purchase.

General Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration and Modification through SBB:

  1. SBB hosting online shop allows you to make payments using credit cards - VISA, MasterCard and Maestro. Should you decide to pay online using VISA, MasterCard or Maestro card you must have valid credit card.
  2. By submitting the request for domain name registration and by making the payment according to the invoice or by credit card, the purchase of the domain name is not guaranteed until Customer’s payment is verified by SBB. There is no possibility of booking a domain without a previous record of the payment made. The domain will not be registered/activated or renewed, while the payment by the user is not recorded on the bank statement of the SBB. Payments are recorded on the next business day. If you want to accelerate the domain registration process, send us proof of payment in the form of a copy of the payment slip or transfer order at fax +381 11 4001053 or a scanned copy at admin@eunet.co.rs.
  3. Domain name which is ordered but not paid for shall not be registered.
  4. After you have registered the domain name using our form, your registration shall be considered to be successful only after you submit evidence about meeting all requirements set forth by the terms and conditions of domain name registration (for all .RS domain names in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of .rs Doman Name Registration). Should SBB  request any additional documents which prove that the terms and conditions of registration were fulfilled, Registrant is obliged to submit those documents.
  5. SBB and RNIDS reserve the right to terminate domain name registration without any refund should they determine that the registration was not performed in accordance with the rules and regulations.
  6. If the Customer enters invalid data (contact information, domain name, credit card number, etc.) when ordering and purchasing the domain name, SBB shall not be held responsible for unsuccessful domain name registration or its termination.
  7. Customer is obliged to take all necessary protection measures to prevent any unauthorized or unprofessional use of his/her user account: to protect and from time to time change his/her password for domain name administration account, as well as to inform SBB in timely manner about any changes of contact persons or information about authorized person. In contrary, the Customer shall be held responsible for any unprofessional or unauthorized use of his/her user account.
  8. If the Customer enters invalid DNS records, SBB shall not be held responsible in case of any interruption in operation of domain name e-mails and/or website.
  9. SBB shall complete domain name registration within the time period listed in your order. After the registration period has expired the domain name shall be deactivated. Upon the expiry of the subsequent period of 30 days, the registration of that domain is permanently terminated and registration of that domain name becomes available to public. SBB is obliged to notify the Customer about the expiration of domain name registration period in timely manner by sending appropriate e-mail to the contact e-mail address the Customer provided.
  10. Should an error occur when making a purchase using a credit card (i.e. internet connection fails or the credit card processor is unavailable…), Customer’s account shall not be charged.
  11. Should there be any problems during the purchase, the Customer can complain to our Customer service department via telephone 0700 600 500 or e-mail podrska@eunet.co.rs / support@eunet.co.rs
  12. In case of any complaints, after you notice any irregularities, you should immediately contact our Administration department via telephone 011 3010500 or e-mail admin@eunet.co.rs and you should have all information proving that irregularity prepared, so that we can correct any potential error as soon as possible.
  13. The complaints should be resolved within 48 hours since they are reported in timely manner (all errors that occur with credit card payments must be reported within 3 days). It is also necessary to submit all relevant information: domain name you were making a payment for, invoice number or unique order ID number generated by SBB and the transaction date. When using credit card to make an order, always remember the unique order ID number because you will need that number in case of any complaints.
  14. If the Customer enters the wrong domain name (and thus SBB completes the registration of the entered domain name), the money shall not be refunded or transferred for registration of a different domain name or used for any other service, if the domain name has already been purchased.
  15. After the payment has been successfully made, Customer shall receive a purchase summary. All relevant transaction information shall be sent to an e-mail address listed as the contact address for transaction confirmation.

Data Privacy

SBB is hereby being obliged to protect privacy of all Customers. We collect only necessary, basic information about our Customers and only the data necessary for our operations and to be able to keep our customers informed, in good faith and in goal of providing quality service.

All Customer data shall be kept confidential and available only to those employees whom this information is necessary to perform their job duties. All SBB’s employees are obliged to comply with all data privacy rules and regulations.

Information about Registrant of domain name shall be publically available in WHOIS database. Upon Registrant’s request the Registrant’s contact information can be hidden. This data protection service is charged additionally. All other Customer information, which is not publically available in WHOIS database, SBB can disclose only to courts and competent governmental bodies, pursuant to appropriate judicial or administrative enactments.

In order to process your request for domain name registration successfully, you must enter correct and valid information, which shall be made publically available in WHOIS database (unless you purchase data protection service):

  • if the Registrant is a physical person: name and last name, address of residence, administrative and technical contact
  • if the Registrant is a legal entity or entrepreneur: business name, registered address, company registration number, tax number, administrative and technical contact

If you use your credit card to make payments, your credit card number is protected because the transaction is automatically transferred to secure server, after you select credit card as the payment method, which further processes your transaction.

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Support: 0700 600 500

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