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Domain Name Parking


Domain Name Parking

Domain Name Parking

Manage your Internet domain names independently! Direct the domain where you want it, open and add your domains and subdomains using control panel. If you do not want to launch your website right away, you can enter your contact information on your web page (or any other text you’d like) for free.

For each registered domain with EUnet, you will get DNS Parking service completely free and it enables you to:

  • enter contact or any other information for each domain individually on the parking page, without renting hosting service
  • manage all domain names registered with EUnet
  • create and manage subdomains
  • set e-mail message forwarding for each domain individually to desired e-mail address


DNS Parking service

Number of domains registered with EUnet Unlimited
Number of subdomains 50
Edit page parking- for all domains individually * Yes
Forwarding mail by domain Catch-all
Advanced DNS settings Yes
Control panel Yes
Review and user administration Yes
E-mail & Phone Support
WWW support
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* Option “edit parking page” allows you to enter the desired text on the parking page for all domains individually (contact information or any other text).

Would you like to use EUnet DNS parking service for domain names that are not registered with EUnet?

If you want to use DNS Parking service for domains and services that are registered with another provider, you can do so. For only 730 RSD per year (for 20 domain names) you can manage your domains and all DNS records independently. You no longer have to depend on Internet Service Providers and their administrators’ business hours.

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